Arun Kumar Subedi
Arun Kumar Subedi
Chabahil, Kathmandu, Nepal
Studied physical and analytical chemistry but worked as political activist for restoration of democracy in Nepal and have been in prison several times during panchayat autocratic regime. Involved in the socio-political activities under Nepali congress party for three decades, now as a Moderate conservative, cultural nationalist and compassionate capitalist independent politician. My special views on social security, land reform, development philosophy and modern progressive capitalism has never got priority in Nepali congress. In spite of inspiration by late B.P. Koirala, I feel better to quit Nepali congress because of its derailment from principal ideology. Now, I feel it is my duty for the nations to campaign for these views, independently. Professionally, I always prioritize to segregate my political posture with business and professional works. Being involved in industry and trade for longtime, now decided to concentrate in energy and infrastructure sector. As a writer I'm absorbed in entirely different sector, may be untouched segment with the people. I love to amalgamate ultra modern quantum philosophy with ancient oriental philosophy. I'm fan of Frizaf Capra, Gary Zukav, Jayanta Narlikar, Amit Goswani, Paulo Cohelo, Stephen Hawkins, Roger Penrose, Michio Kaku, Lee Smolin, David Bohm, J.Krishnamurty, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, B.P.Koirala and so on.
Books I never forget : Lolita (International Literature)
Madhavi (Nepali Literature)
Recommend to read : Geeta, Mahabharata, Upanishads.
Indebted to : Prithvi Narayan Shah the Great
Role Model : F.D. Roosevelt

Priority in energy from:

  1. Hydro power
  2. Thorium energy
  3. Geothermal
  4. Wind power
  5. Cogeneration thermal
  6. Solar (For heat only)

My special Dreams:

  • Water Resources for prosperity
  • Metro Train in Kathmandu, extended to Birgunj and Lumbini
  • Cable way to Everest's Lap Gokyo from Dhulikhel
  • Cable way to Manasarobar from Surkhet
  • Cable way to Funfunla (Mustang) from Pokhara
  • Koshi High Dam, Kirateshwor Sarovar and water transport from Suvarnarekha to Chatara.
  • Karnali Chisapani and Mahakali Pancheswar project
  • To be an integral part of river linking dream of India (Himalayan section)
  • To campaign for 23 dams, conceptuated in Ganga Basin Strategic Plan
  • To Ban communism in Nepal
  • To Nationalize all educational institutions and private hospitals.
  • To privatize all public enterprises.
  • PPP is the best model for biggest dreams.

Personal details:

Born in Kurule Tenupa, Dhankuta at 08-03-1966. Completed schooling from Madhumalla. Graduated from Trichandra College and master in Chemistry from T.U married to advocate Shanta Subedi Khatiwada
Mother : Smt. Ambika Subedi, Smt. Uma Subedi
Father : Tika Subedi
Daughter : Dhamashree Subedi
Son : Yuyutsav Subedi
Sibling : Laxmi Kishor Subedi, Kalpana Dulal, Nirmal Subedi, Nishchal Subedi.